Other Pre-made Pouches

In addition to manufacturing a variety of customized stand-up pouches, we offer an assortment of other pre-made pouches, including 3-side seal pouches, peel and reseal pouches, and wicketed pouches.

3-side Seal Pouches

3-side seals pouches are sealed on three sides, with one side left open for the filling process. The final seal is applied after filling on form/fill/seal machinery. 3-side seal pouches are typically used for high-speed runs. The bottom seal has the option of being gusseted, and we can provide various features such as:

  • clear windows
  • rounded corners
  • glossy or matte finishes
  • hanger holes
  • tear notches

We produce 3-side seal pouches for various markets, and we custom-engineer flexible packaging materials designed with the properties each product requires.  We also perform technical services such as product/package compatibility testing to suggest the best flexible packaging materials for your application.

Peel and Reseal Pouches for Wet Wipes and Towelettes

We supply pre-made peel and reseal pouches used primarily for wipes. Peel and reseal pouches utilize a pressure-sensitive label with an easy-open pull tab, allowing consumers to access the product and reseal for multiple uses. Various shapes and sizes of resealable pressure-sensitive labels are available to assist with differentiation. We produce high-performance barrier films with extremely good chemical resistance for even the most challenging applications, such as pure isopropyl alcohol wipes or chemically-aggressive cleaning wipes.

Wicketed Pouches & Bags

Designed for wicket bagger machines, wicketed pouches are pre-made pouches with two holes at the top designed for hanging on wickets (metal wires). Wicketed pouches are grouped together on these wickets, which allows them to be loaded onto a wicket bagger machine for filling (or they can also be manually filled).

Stand-up Pouches

Interested in stand-up pouches? Learn about the stand-up pouches we offer.